Your expansion “à la carte” in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Swizerland, Italy, Spain, UK and whole of Europe


Your aims:

  • Finding opportunities to expand to new markets
  • Asserting your international activities


Conducting business internationally is complex: any market approach should take into account variances in business culture and customs, different from one country to the next. Your project should be proactive and supported by an action plan adapted to the country, its rules and regulations and its culture.


A market approach can often be lengthy due to the careful nature of its main commercial and industrial actors. An international action should be committed, lasting and medium-term oriented.


In a highly competitive context, a successful market conquest requires sufficient investments, which will lead to significant commercial impacts and guarantee market control in the long run. A sizeable initial expenditure is necessary to generate on return on investment in the medium-term: any action plan should be carefully budgeted and supported by sound financial planning.


We are at your service for the elaboration of a strategic analysis including the following steps:

  • Analysis of your company’s strengths and advantages with regards to the target markets
  • Strategic analysis and definition of a commercial and promotion policy taking into account market constraints and your company’s financial capacities
  • Elaboration of adequate sales pitches
  • Development of sales approach and negotiation techniques according to local standards
  • Conception of an action plan
  • Development of a preliminary business plan

Following this strategic consideration, we will be able to support your operational development.

At your service

for the planning and launching of a project that is:

  • Adapted to local customs
  • Sustainably planned, medium-term oriented
  • Dully budgeted, offering a clear vision of the required finances