Administrative management, accounting, tax consulting


Establishing your own accounting in a foreign country can be challenging:


  • Generally accepted accounting principles may differ from those you are used to
  • Depreciation periods may be different
  • Bookkeeping must be perfectly in accordance with local set standards
  • Tax declaration must be submitted on set dates

This list not being exhaustive, outsourcing your accounting and financial activities, as well as payroll management is a pertinent solution.

Resorting to experts guarantees that your accounting be conform to applied rules and regulations and saves you from having to recruit your own specialised team.


Our team can take on some or all of your subsidiary’s accounting and will provide you with documents in your own language for a clearer understanding.

We can take on the following:

Registration with the tax office

For companies having already entrusted us with the creation of a branch office or subsidiary, we will proceed to the obtainment of:

  • Tax Identification Number
  • Intracommunity VAT Tax Identification Number


  • Client / supplier accounting
  • Additional accounting controls: tallying of supplier accounts payables and customer accounts receivables
  • Wage accruals, including social security and tax contributions
  • Verification of expense reports according to legal and contractual aspects
  • Bank movements accounting, including validating opening balances (bank reconciliations)
  • Cash accounting
  • Accounting of various transactions: account adjustments, accounting of depreciation, annual VAT declarations, etc.
  • Calculation and accounting of monthly or quarterly provisions, accrued liabilities, accrued expenses and revenues, prepaid expenses, deferred income, etc.
  • Stock valuation
  • Keeping depreciation tables for your fixed assets, including cost of the asset, accumulated depreciation, net book value of assets

Annual accounts*

  • Preparation of closing accounts (balance sheet, profit & loss accounts and appendix)
  • Annual provisions (annual leave…), posting cut-off for transactions
  • Evaluation and accounting of deferred tax assets and liabilities

*These annual accounts will be prepared in collaboration with our partner chartered accountants.

Treasury management

  • Tracking cash receipts
  • Preparation of disbursements
  • Cash-flow forecasts
  • Financial analysis: intermediate management balances, gearing ratios, profitability ratios, balance sheet analysis
  • Accounting liquidity: tracking account balances (dates of payment due dates and expected collections)
  • Cash-flow

Tax returns*

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  • Monthly VAT returns
  • Annual VAT returns: balance validation by comparing with accounting services
  • Monitoring VAT refunds
  • Monthly declarations of intracom exchange of goods, quarterly for exchange of services
  • Comparing Summary statements of services/goods traded within the EU with VAT declarations
  • Corporate tax
  • Company property and value added tax
  • Social security contributions
  • Property tax

*These tax returns will be prepared in collaboration with our partner chartered accountants.


  • Budget estimates
  • Cost of Goods Sold analysis
  • Overhead expenses analysis
  • Cost pool analysis
  • Analysis of variances
  • Reflecting on possible corrective actions
  • Margin and transfer pricing analysis
  • Management fees

Financial reporting

  • Dashboard
  • Calculation of employee performance bonuses and profit based bonuses
  • Management reports based on actual data from our ERP


  • Establishing consolidated financial statements
  • Reconciliation of intragroup transactions and balances
  • Determination of deferred taxes

Support from our chartered accountants

  • Headoffices / subsidiary agreement
  • Transfer pricing policy
  • Assistance during tax audits
  • Assistance during statutory auditors’ interventions
  • Audit, balance sheet analysis
  • Networking with creditworthiness check agencies

General secretariat duties

  • Annual / ordinary General Assembly invitation, holding, minutes
  • Extraordinary General Assembly invitation, holding, minutes
  • Account publication
  • Administrative reporting