Coaching your sales staff - Sales reporting

Managing your staff from a distance requires constant attention in order to guarantee an optimal use of your resources.

In order to monitor your sales force and to anticipate any market variations, we can set up strategic monitoring measures and activity level indicators, via the implementation of the following:

  • A specific sales plan including customised goals according to customers, customer groups, products or product families; goals should be set according to past experience or forecasted market shares; it should also take into account external factors such as seasonality, on-going promotions, etc.
  • Constant reporting:
    - Pre-sales activities
    - Sales activities 
    - Projections
    - Daily, monthly or quarterly sales

To do so, we will conduct a cross-analysis of:

  • Sales statistics taking into account goals, accomplishments, Gap-analysis
  • Sales reporting: tour planning, visit reports
  • Expense reports: commercial, legal and contractual aspects


Reporting on organisation and optimisation of your sales office or subsidiary


The approach of any new market requires the implementation of a number of organisational and technical changes, in terms of work methods and tools and procedures.

In order to assist you effectively in the optimisation of your sales office or subsidiary, we will hold with you regular assessment meetings, either quarterly, semi-annually or annually:

  • General organisation
  • Purchases / sales / logistics
  • Administrative formalities
  • Tools and implemented means
  • New products training
  • Price policy
  • Sales development

This may be accompanied with recommendations for the future.

Our assets at your service

  • Efficiency achieved from 30 years expertise in the international development of SMEs and mid-cap companies
  • Strategic independence and constant openness towards the future
  • Command of IT tools for a tailored reporting