Outsourcing of Front Office services


Customer portfolio management

  • Structuring and qualification of customer data, access to an efficient database (e.g. more than 1.5 million in France and Germany)
  • Database maintenance: reviewing and updating information


  • Localization and translation of sales literature and websites
  • Design and creation of marketing and sales literature
  • Direct marketing and mailshots
  • Optimization of website listings
  • Organization of focus groups: your products are evaluated by a customer group chosen according to your criteria
  • Market tests and evaluation of campaigns: sending out product samples, customer satisfaction and product acceptance surveys

Sales support 

  • Organizing tours or scheduling visits/appointments for your sales force:
    - Identifying decision-makers
    - Qualification of potential leads
    - Participation in meetings and optimization of tour schedules
  •  Tender management:
    - Identification, analysis, translation
    - Drafting offers
    - Follow-up of tenders

Secretarial services

  • Handling of mail, reports of visits, confirmations, proposals, specifications, voice recordings, etc.
  • Proofreading


  • Help desk (customer support centre), customer-oriented opening hours
  • Hotline and customer service
  • Efficient order acceptance:
    - Increasing order unit quantities
    - Cross-selling
    - Upselling
    - Additional sales of new products
  • Telemarketing campaigns aimed at generating orders:
    - Date and time at customer’s request
    - Special offer campaigns directed at increasing sales or reducing surplus stocks