Payroll management

  • All employees must be declared and subject to payroll management

  • We can take this task on for our companies as well as dealing with any administrative issues with social security bodies and the taxman

  • This service is the guarantee of an optimisation in terms of regulations and ensures your associate’s peace of mind so that he may focus on his mission.


We offer a large range of services guaranteeing partial or total take-over of your international associates’ payroll management. 

Set up

  • Request for an affiliation number

  • Registration with social security bodies (sickness insurance funds)

  • Registration with the local tax office
  • Registration with accidents at work insurance funds

  • Direct debit set-up for the payment of social security and tax contributions

  • Coordination with banks and financial institutions for the opening of a local bank account

Day-to-day management

  • Establishing payroll according to information provided by the company

  • Preparation of social security contribution statements

  • Preparation of tax contribution statements

  • Payroll journals

  • Annual statements

  • Preparation of social security contribution payments

  • Preparation of tax contribution payments

Leaving employees

  • Termination management: either removal of the employee or the company from social security bodies’ records or inform about situation change

  • Cancellation of registration of your company with tax authorities when no longer employees

  • Certificate for employment agencies

  • Transmitting documents relating to accidents at work insurance funds (generally transmitted in year N+1)


  • Coordinating with bilingual lawyer for the elaboration of an employment contract in two languages
  • Calculating variable elements of the wages based on turnover or commissions to be collected
  • Monitoring leave days
  • Verification of expense reports: respect of agreed ceilings and official scales, conformity of evidence, etc.
  • Payroll simulations based on gross wage
  • Correction and reissue of pay slips following customer demand
  • Explaining documents in the local language
  • Translation of any administrative-based correspondence
  • Coordinating with sickness insurance funds
  • Coordinating with the local tax office
  • Acting as in interface between company and employees
  • Coordinating with accidents at work insurance funds
  • Coordinating with pension and life insurance funds
  • Monitoring and informing about new rules and regulations
  • Coordinating for the elaboration of the work certificate