Search, audit and commercial negotiation


Our solutions

  • Raising of cross-cultural awareness
  • Definition of a target profile
  • Definition of an approach strategy
  • Preparation of negotiation
  • Planning of the approach
    - Elaboration of a panel of targets
    - Elaboration of a Long List
    - Filtering to a Short List
    - Direct approach of targets
    - Organisation of a tour of initial visits
  • Negotiation management
  • Finalisation of pre-negotiations and formalisation of a Letter of Intention (LOI)

A standard commercial approach is often inadequate to a successful expansion on the market, due to the markets’ competitiveness, the importance of the local industry, a certain technological ethnocentrism, a communitarian instinct favouring the relationship to existing suppliers, etc.


To gain a significant market share and limit rejection risks, it is important to rely on:

  • Image
  • Sales potential
  • Technical and service potential, more particularly after-sales services
  • A local structure, for future alliances, financial integrations or take-overs


The sellers’ motivation

In certain countries, a strong sense of community will often lead to companies’ commitment to social responsibility: the shareholders’ personal identity and social status are often founded on their economic activity. This is why, more often than not, family-owned SMEs have the ambition to see their work be taken over and continued.

In this context, approaching companies, offering a simple financial deal would not be relevant or successful.


Our strategy: a pro-active approach

We should confirm synergies between the selling and purchasing companies.

Beyond approaching targets having declared an intent to sell, we should define a profile of ideal targets in terms of products mix / key markets so as to start a pro-active approach.

As such targets are not generally “on the market” you should theoretically be their only negotiation partner, this will allow you to discover the company while taking your time and get a feel for the company’s atmosphere and dynamics by speaking with employees.

You will therefore have all the cards in hand to elaborate a capital participation or take-over proposition.

Our assets at your service:

  • Professionalism and strategic approach
  • Efficiency based on over 30 years experience
  • Budget control through modular service propositions


  • A third of companies will be confronted with the question of business transmission, and will be alert to any well formulated proposition, “opportunity makes a thief”

  • The others, if they are not open to the idea of an acquisition, might be interested in financial input so as to:
    - increase their assets through cash-in operation
    - accelerate their development through a larger product range, financial means
    - insuring growth; in times of crisis, this is particularly important as cash-flow issues increase.