Outsourcing customer acquisition

For the approach of key accounts, we guarantee:

  • A grounded strategic reflection and an analysis of the company’s activity portfolio in order to select the activity sector best suited to the target market

  • Our project manager’s product / technique training

  • The targeted commercial approach of a Short List, commonly agreed-upon, ensuring that your target group is approached, qualified and monitored

  • An action plan commonly decided-upon, supported by sales measures (follow up plan, etc.) and marketing actions (newsletter, press, events) if necessary and as stipulated in the contract

  • A structured sales pitch

  • A catchy commercial approach based on a jointly planned program 

  • An operational planning set according to your objectives


One of our expert project managers will be at your service for a period of 4 to 6 months, following a kick-off meeting, to identify and select interesting targets, approach them by phone, qualify them, confirm their interest, send information regarding your company to those of them who are interesting and interested, follow up and will schedule appointments which will be split into 1 or 2 tours.

He will then meet the prospects, together a representative of your company.

Our proposition’s advantages

  • A market test, including information collection on market potential, established sales conditions, local competition, etc.

  • Limited investment, based on variable costs which depend on your project’s progress

  • Efficiency, as a result of our sales managers’ and project engineers’ professionalism

  • Constant strategic flexibility. You can at any point:
    - continue using our team’s services
    - mandate us to recruit your own sales force
    - authorize us to negociate a merger with a target company