Sales outsourcing

The project manager having conducted an initial commercial approach on your behalf will remain at your service, as an interim sales person, to follow-up on the activated business.


Not only will he be in charge of the follow-up of the already established contacts, but also generate sales leads. In order to successfully do so, he will:

  • Classifying potential customers in ABC categories (using our CRM tool)

  • For each prospect, defining:
    - Frequency of follow-ups
    - Field work plan (visit frequency, organisational arrangements for tours, etc.)

  • Receiving and analysing requests and scope statements

  • Request management:
    - Directly issuing proposals
    - Receiving requests so that you can formulate proposals (translation services
      available from our team or our network of partners)

  • Transmitting and following-up on proposals

  • Managing commercial negotiations

Our project managers’ strengths

  • Availability
  • Flexibility – Reactivity
  • Experience in your field of business
  • Strategic orientation and sense of objectives
  • Results-oriented culture

Our strengths at your service

  • Efficiency acquired from 30+ years experience – see our list of references
  • Professionalism and marketing approach
  • Limited investments through invoicing based on variable costs
  • Budget control thanks to the modular aspect of our interventions
  • Strategic independence and constant openness to additional developments