Customer care & business process outsourcing

Setting-up a sales office or a subsidiary allows you to weigh in on the following aspects:

Customer relations and communication

Customer care is an essential aspect of the sales process. Having a local presence will avoid communication and linguistic issues for your customers.Being present on the market reassures customers that they will be serviced according to local standards and customs.



Although the customs unification within Europe has simplified the regulatory aspect of exchanging goods, customers are more and more demanding with regards to logistics and after-sales service, which requires companies to focus on proximity.



Adapting your image is essential to securing contacts and convincing them of your strategic commitment to their market. “One-shot”-type contracts should be avoided, focusing on real business relationships, based on trust and regular commercial exchanges.

We propose the following services:

Customer Relationship Management

  • Incoming calls – providing information to customers
  • Analysis of calling motives as part of a constant improvement programme
  • Telephone approach of clients for order taking: regularly, “flash sales”, one-off
  • Complaint and return management
  • Part-time customer relationship, in case of over-flow on your part
  • Help desk (client assistance centre)
  • Technical hotline – first level support

Sales administration

  • Order taking
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Order processing and / or forwarding to your company
  • Creditworthiness checks
  • Order confirmation
  • Preparing delivery notes
  • Invoicing on your stationary

Credit management

  • Monitoring on-going business / portfolio management
  • Cashing in cheques into your local bank account
  • Monitoring payment conditions respect
  • Chasing up outstanding debts
  • Amiable debt recovery
  • Litigation management / coordination with lawyers