Logistics: storage, order preparation, expedition

We are at your service for the storage of your goods as well as for the preparation and sending of your orders.


Our logistics services can meet any demand, be it in terms of desired surface (fix or variable) or of planned use (permanent stock, auxiliary stock of spare parts or samples, intermediary or one-off stock for the products necessitating rapid replacement in case of problem).

We offer:

  • EDI equipment for the management of relations with warehouses outsourced to carriers in a location of your choice
  • Our own warehouse for the management of messaging and small packages


We can take on the following:



  • Set-up of intermediary stocks for your most common products, or those needing to be replaced fast so as to guarantee minimal delivery delays to your customers
  • Sample expedition
  • Preparing and tracking shipments
  • Traceability


  • Reconditioning to meet target country’s standards (electrical or telephone connectors compatible with local plugs, etc)
  • Adding literature in the target language
  • Quality monitoring including test of goods
  • Specific configuration

Optimising shipment costs

  • Search for carriers corresponding to the best conditioning and cost criteria
  • Shipment breakdown

Return management and after-sales service

  • Verification and storing of returned products, grouped shipment to your main storage location
  • Test on defective returned products (both on under and out-of-warranty products)
  • Immediate shipment of a replacement product

Your advantages

  • Optimisation of your logistics flows
  • Reactivity with regards to your customers
  • Minimal investments achieved through a controlled cost management
  • Privileged relationship with our main logistics partners (logos)