Being a good sales person does not always mean being well-organised.

Our solutions 


Preparation of the commercial action

  • Support with the definition of range and price policies
  • Creation of the argumentation and sales tools
  • Elaboration of a portfolio for each sales person, through use of our databases, classification by region, type and potential, A B C classification

Pre-sales action

  • Planning of sales tours
  • Support with commercial approach: telephone customer acquisition to identify decision-makers and qualification, follow-up organisation, planning of sales tours
  • Preparation of visits through needs’ qualification forms 
  • Development of reporting methods
  • Development of follow-up methods


  • Field support for the business launch / running-in 
  • Field support for strategic negotiations

Activity follow-up

  • Weekly or monthly reporting follow-up, including cross-analysis of sales figures, visit reports and expenses statements
  • Weekly or monthly meetings to analyse success and faced difficulties, proposition of corrective measures or changes 
  • Set up and animation of monthly or quarterly strategic briefings with project managers