Our quality statement



We assume the project management as experienced professionals in the field of personnel recruitment in Germany and France. This guarantees our clients the definition of a relevant profile as well as selection of suitable candidates for the position to be filled, both in terms of professional qualifications and personality. This helps to facilitate integration and guarantee that new staff members stay with the company. Our “full-service” recruitment projects therefore carry a guarantee of 6 months.



We guarantee the greatest possible transparency with respect to candidates as well as companies. To support this, we have implemented an online candidate management tool, which permits the fully electronic publication of job ads on the key job boards in Germany, France and in 17 European countries. Our clients have remote access to this tool, permitting them to monitor the recruitment projects they have entrusted to us at all times. In cooperation with our clients, we also agree on a detailed schedule of the various activities to be undertaken.


Contractual formalities:

We support our clients with the definition of contractual terms adapted to local laws and practices. Highly qualified candidates and especially sales reps are relatively rare, so it is particularly important to be able to present them with a clear and fair contractual and financial package from the initial approach. To ensure no good candidates slip through the net, we manage and coordinate contractual negotiations between the lawyers, the company and the candidate through to signing. 



In order to optimize the recruitment of sales reps, we offer tangible support with the integration of the new employees, be it administrative support in the form of payroll management, marketing assistance or training and coaching.


Budget optimization:

We identify the precise needs of our clients and propose customized services tailored to their operational and budget constraints



We treat all information relating to our clients and our candidates in the strictest of confidence.