Recruitment in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Swizerland, Italy, Spain, UK and whole of Europe

There are several approaches open for recruitment projects:

Our services include:


 Defining a "search strategy":

  • Creating and placing job ads
  • Selecting an optimum media mix
  • Placing ads in the selected media and interfacing with these
  • Optional: direct approach of candidates to be identified by all available means:
    - Enquiries vis-à-vis corresponding institutions and universities for the respective profession
    - Online search in applicant pools and our own international candidate pipeline
    - Direct approach of competitor or complementary companies
  • Candidate management and advance information to candidates
  • Supplementary classification of candidates and pre-selection by telephone interview
  • Preparing selection interview questionnaires



  • Pre-selection of candidates
  • Organizing selection interviews
  • Obtaining information about the candidates:
    - from previous employers
    - online behavioral skills assessment
    - graphological analysis
  • Support with final candidate selection

The presented candidates go through a stringent selection process based on interviews, personality questionnaires, etc.



Employment contract

  • Coordination of modalities relating to the employment contract by a legal expert
  • Management of interesting candidates through to signing of the contract

"full service"

comprising definition of a profile, creation of job ads, identifying and managing candidates, pre-selection, final presentation of the most relevant candidates including a 6-month guarantee.


permitting our clients to take charge of some steps in the project themselves. This option allows optimized budget planning that takes account of the operational constraints of the individual company.