Selection support tools


In order to optimise your profile analysis, we offer the following solutions:



Handwriting analysis

Analysis of an applicant’s conformity with the job description: behaviour, intelligence, activity, assets and sensitive issues, etc. Our graphologist is an expert regarding French-German applications. She has experience in the analysis and interpretation of French and German handwritings, also regularly running trainings in graphology.



Online personality tests

This assessment tool has been used and proved for some 20 years. It only requires 15 minutes of the candidate’s time and can be completed remotely.

It provides insight on the following:

  • Activity and commitment
  • Sociability and integration capacity
  • Relation to hierarchy and loyalty
  • Reactions to stress

It also provides insight on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in order to personalise the questioning during face-to-face interviews. This tool also allows for a faster and more in-depth perception of the candidates.


Our recruiters have been trained to the use of this tool and will be able to complement their own perception of the candidates with the conclusions of this test.


Obtaining references from former employers

To confirm the tests’ results and our own impressions, it is useful to contact and question former employer to hear their point of view on their former associate’s aptitudes and optimisation factors.


To do so, we will constitute a check list of questions relating to the post profile which will be submitted to you for approval.