Mergers & Acquisitions in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Swizerland, Italy, Spain, UK and whole of Europe


Is organic growth too slow for your international development projects?


Engaging in external growth, through capital participation or acquisition, allows you to:

  • obtain significant market share in the short term
  • rapidly offer local service capacity 
  • benefit from a local image and thus limit potential rejection risks

The company you are looking for is out there; let us find it for you!


An essential aspect of your external growth project is a smooth integration, the success of which will depend on the quality of your preparation, assistance and intercultural management. Our services include helping you develop a certain cross-cultural awareness.


In order to successfully carry out your external growth project, we will:

  • define the target profile and strategic argumentation
  • identify and approach all relevant companies
  • assist with negotiations and organise meetings
  • audit, in collaboration with our expert partners (lawyers, chartered accountants, banks, etc.)
  • coordinate all steps up until conclusion
  • pilot and follow-up the integration process, via intercultural seminars and coaching

Our customized solutions will guarantee you optimal cost and timing control.


Steffi Brandt
Business Advisor

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